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The Cripple Creek High School (now Carr Manor) was one of 17 school sites in the Mining District and today is one of only two original schools still standing. The Cripple Creek High School was built in two phases; the southern 90 feet of the school was built in 1897; the northern portion containing the Gym and Auditorium was started in 1901 and completed in 1905. It served as one of two Cripple Creek schools for over 70 years. A pool was added in the late 1940s.

Famed individuals who attended the school include Colorado Governor Ralph Carr, who served during World War II and was named governor of the last century. See more below about Gov. Carr.

The school was always a high school for its entire life; however in 1926, it became the only school in Cripple Creek with grades 1 – 12, as the enrollment dropped to less than 100 students. It remained the only school until about 1966, when it went back to just the High School until 1977 when it was closed. Its peak enrollment was around 350 students. As you stroll the hallways you can imagine how the sound of 300 footsteps might have sounded.

In 1982 the school was purchased and converted to a small hotel in 1983 by Ted Heiliger and his family.

Twenty years later Gary and Wini Ledford purchased the property and completed the process of a full restoration and reconstruction of the 14 rooms and suites, a conference center and a Grand Ballroom. Many of the rooms in the Manor have theme names and historic reflections of times gone by.

Are you a Former Student or Teacher at Cripple Creek High? Help us make this the most memorable Manor House in Cripple Creek, by loaning us your annuals or contributing photo’s or other memorabilia for us to display in the Inn.

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